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ʹڱȷChina's exhibition industry development policy thinking

Date:2016-07-28 14:45:45View:

    As a new exhibition industry services, is 2 l century of the rising sun industry, has the huge development potential. It brings along textile clothing, accommodation, catering, communications, tourism, shopping and related industry, at present, China's exhibition industry employed reached more than 100.
With China's accession to the WTO, especially the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao implementation of CEPA arrangements, foreign also more and more bullish on the Chinese ZhanYe congress, Chinese and foreign exhibition enterprise cooperation presents multi-level and comprehensive situation. The United States, Germany, UK and other exhibition industry developed countries some famous companies are looking for cooperation with China project, or to establish enterprise, or cooperation do exhibition, diverse forms. Another opening to the further expand, not only to bring the new capital and investment, more important is to bring the new mode of operation and management idea, will promote China's exhibition industry better development.
   Overall, the history of the development of China's convention and exhibition industry is very short, and is still in the primary stage, to explore and experience accumulation in the period, also there are some obvious problems, mainly is the following several aspects:
"Small and scattered, random" the phenomenon is quite prominent, the lack of scale and grade exhibition brand exhibition industry is an economy of scale effect obvious industry, that is, when a exhibition to a certain scale, the ratio of income increased more than the ratio of production inputs exhibition, therefore, the development of the exhibition industry, we must pay special attention to set up the consciousness of brand, create some like guangzhou fair, the fair can have scale economy and international influence such products.
   Last year all kinds of exhibition held in China more than 2500, industry output value 7 billion yuan or so, accounts for about 0.07% of GDP in China, the average output value 2.8 million yuan RMB/a; But Germany's total 300 up and down in the exhibition, the output value of the formation of the scale is German GDP 1%, the average output value of nearly 10 million euros/a. The exhibition and exhibition company in China several times, even several times on the international exhibition power, but the whole exhibition value than the somebody else a fraction of a scale, although different conditions can't simple comparison, but from this set of data at least can see, China's exhibition industry in this respect the gap is still bigger.
   For example, the number of exhibitors in various, greatly small exhibition also many, but many are in the size of the exhibition below 10000 square meters. Excessive competition for the many companies and institutions to put most of their money and energy on the exhibition, the exhibitors, and things, and are too busy to exhibition visitors to the organization and customers service, lead to exhibition busting.
The construction of the exhibitors, heat and official contractor development lag phenomenon coexist, practitioners need to further improve the quality
   At present, exhibition venues appeared construction upsurge of, but layout, structure is not very reasonable, there exists the low level duplicate construction phenomenon. Some places of the construction of the exhibition venues and didn't think the market demand, not seriously considering whether to comply with the rules of the development of the exhibition industry, more is to reflect the will of the local government, not a meet the demand of the market's own development industry behavior. This also reflects the current exhibition industry development of existing misunderstanding in that when there is a high standard and large-scale exhibition venues, can run high quality exhibitions, can develop the exhibition economy and drive the other aspects of the development of. Actually, the venue itself is a kind of conditions, and can not be automatically create market. The practice shows that the construction layout is reasonable, construction too much, too fast, is inevitable that venues idle and social waste of resources.

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